Gum Rosin

Synthetic Colour Chem Industries is a well known Importer, Supplier & Stockist of Gum Rosin. "Rosin is brittle and friable, with a faint piny odor. It is typically a glassy solid, though some rosins will form crystals, especially when brought into solution. The practical melting point varies with different specimens, some being semi-fluid at the temperature of boiling water, others melting at 100oC to 120oC. It is very flammable, burning with a smoky flame, so care should be taken when melting it."

Applications :

  • Soap
  • Papermaking
  • Ink
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Adhesive
  • Rubber
  • Soldering fuxes
  • Synthetic resins

Special Properties :

  • Natural organic compound, mainly composed of resins
  • Possesses chemical activity when dissolved in many organic solvents

Uses :
Since gum rosin is easily softened and oxidized, in the oil paint industry, the carboxylation reaction of resin acid is usually employed to produce resinate for further use. While in the production of synthetic rubber and printing ink, resin acid is changed into disproportionate rosin, polymerized rosin, hydrogenated rosin etc., for further use by its double bond reaction.


Type Natural
Shelf Life 1 Year
Grade Food Grade, Pharma Grade
Color Yellow
Purity 99%
Form Solid
Moisture Content 10-20%

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